Do you wish to extend your time outdoor? Installing a patio is the best way to achieve that. Patios provide more entertainment space outside, and where you can hold some meetings with friends or family. Regardless of what you intend to do outside, a patio will help you achieve it.

Available patio types

There are several patio types that you can have installed, depending on where you want the patio installed, and the materials used.

1.    Driveway patios

Driveways bear the weight from vehicles driving in and out of your compound. Therefore, your driveway patio has to be well installed, and using the most durable material there is. Having worked on driveway patios for years, we can advise you to go for interlocking pavers for your driveway patio. They are durable and will be able to withstand the weight of your car.

2.    Garden patios

Garden patios are also a common feature in most homes. Getting a professionally installed garden patio will provide you with the perfect space to relax, prepare some tasty meals, and entertain your family. Garden patios can be designed to match your property’s look, and located at a spot where you will enjoy the best views of what your compound has to offer.

Materials used in Patio paving

1.    Concrete

When concrete is talked about, most people will only think of the traditional grey surfaces. However, there are more concrete patio options. Concrete can be altered to replicate any pattern that you desire, for example, concrete stamping.

2.    Flagstone & Natural Stone

These are slabs of stone that come in different colors and shapes. When well arranged, flagstones can significantly increase the curb appeal of your patio. The color of these natural stones usually depends on the source stone from where they are mined.

3.    Brick

This is also another popular material option for patios. Their popularity can be attributed to their durability and ability to withstand severe weather conditions. Bricks also have a neutral appearance, which makes it easy for them to complement your property’s look.

Our professional Patio Maintenance

You enjoy the benefits that a patio has, but have you thought of the care that this space requires? Your patio is exposed to dirt from the environment and changing weather, which makes it important to give it special attention. As an expert landscape company, we will ensure that the following patio needs are well taken care of for you.

1.    Damaged patio stones

As time goes by, the arrangement of the stones used to create the patio will get affected by weather and other factors. Our expert help will help to identify such errors on your patio and have them repaired immediately. It is important to point out that we not only focus on remedying the problem but also providing a solution to whatever may be causing the uneven stones. If it is a drainage defect, we will have it repaired.

2.    Mold development, and dirt accumulation

The growth of mold and dust is one common problem that you are going to encounter on your patio. Since the patio stones are exposed to weather conditions such as excess sunlight and rain, the stones will fade over time and become dirty. This can greatly affect the beauty of your compound, and that is why the patio requires regular cleaning. It is important to note that it is not safe to handle mold because some of them are poisonous. It is therefore only safe to have us carry out mold removal for you.

3.    Missing or cracked joints

Over time, the material used to hold the stones together will weaken and get washed away. As a result, it becomes easy for the stones to crack and even break. If this occurs, proper cleaning and an immediate fix are required. Doing so on your own can be not only a tedious task but also one that’s impossible to carry out without the right tools. That is why we are here to help. Our patio experts will help with cleaning the joints and adding a new joint material to reattach the stones firmly together. Instead of regular sand, polymeric joint sand is used because it glues the sand together and allows flexibility on the stones to accommodate expansion and contraction.

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