Sometimes it is not possible to utilize the natural elements in remodeling your landscape, and hardscaping becomes the only option. If you want to go to hardscaping, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is hardscaping?

When talking about a hardscape, this is a part of your landscape that’s made from artificial material. In most cases, hardscaping is used to give shape, organize, and make the exterior space more useful in residential and commercial property. Some of the most popular hardscaping structures include the statues, seating areas, and fences. Below are some of the common hardscape elements that we offer.

Hardscaping Elements

It is important to note that when it comes to hardscaping, your imagination is your limitation. There are several options and elements that one can use for the renovation and some of the common ones that we have include:

1.     Patios

Patios are quite popular in most homes. These are outdoor areas that have been paved, without walls. The common materials used in patios include natural stone, bricks, and concrete.

2.     Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are essential if you want to hold the soil on one side of your landscape. This makes it an important hardscape element that can prevent soil erosion. Most retaining walls are built using timber, concrete, or natural stone. It is essential to point out that for the retaining wall to last, we always take into account the expanding and contracting of soil during different seasons.

3.     Fireplace

Undoubtedly one of the best hardscape elements you will find. Fireplaces are distinctive in that they can make a landscape feel warm and safe. It is important to note that fireplaces can either be fueled by gas or wood, depending on what you prefer. We will install any firepit, using the material of your choice.

4.     Pavements

Pavements will never disappoint when used to enhance the appearance of a landscape. Aside from the aesthetic value, paved ways also help to keep shoes clean and can also help with drainage when properly installed.

5.     Fence Installation

It is essential to offer your property some protection, and the best way to do so is by having a fence installed. Fences also enhance your property’s privacy, which is a good thing, especially if you live in densely populated areas.

6.     Pillars

Do you wish to achieve that classic look on your property? Then it would be best if you had some pillars put in place. Pillars can be used alongside other elements such as posts and walls.

Benefits of hardscaping services

1.     Better Entertainment

Hardscaping creates more usable space on the exterior. You can use this space to add tables, chairs, or a fireplace where you and your family can chill and entertain yourselves from. It is important to note that what you use your hardscaped areas for is not limited; you can have anything in place, as long as it is of use to you, be it a kitchen, or a dance floor.

2.     Increasing property value

Landscaping in general will help to improve your property value, but hardscaping has more potential compared to softscaping. Why? This is because most of the hardscape features are quite expensive compared to softscape elements, which are natural and readily available.

Hardscaping makes the property more attractive, and you can rest assured of getting more willing buyers.

3.     Helps with soil erosion

Soil erosion is one of the problems that most homeowners face. The eroded soil not only degenerates the appearance of the landscape, but it also increases the maintenance costs incurred in cleaning up the eroded materials. It is for this reason that retaining walls are so important in any landscape. The walls will prevent the soil from getting carried away with rainwater. The best retaining walls are those made with concrete or stone.

4.     Less Water consumption

If you live in an area that’s faced with water challenges, then hardscaping makes an excellent option for you. Most hardscaping elements do not require any water unless they are being cleaned, which does not happen regularly. This will allow you to use the limited available water for other pertinent uses in your compound.

Get our hardscaping services today

Hardscaping has several benefits that every homeowner should enjoy. If you wish to have some of the hardscaping elements installed on your property, contact us today. We will begin by scheduling a consultation with you so that you can state your needs clearly. Our team will then come up with proper plans on how the project will be handled, including the estimated budget for the same.

Once all the planning has been done, the actual hardscaping work begins, and everything will be carried out to meet your expectations. In the end, our hardscaping experts will then carry out clean-up before leaving the site. Maintenance and repair services are also available anytime in the future.

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