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Native landscapes help reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals. They require less maintenance and use less water than non-native species. We blend hardscape features with native landscaping for a seamless, story-like outdoor area.

Native plants are more vibrant and display lush colors. They help the local eco-system function as it has for centuries and they provide a natural habitat for butterflies, birds and beneficial insects.

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Our professional landscapers create amazing projects such as landscape design, construction, paving and lawn maintenance

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Landscaping Services

Transform your outdoor area, such as backyards, frontyards and gardens into storylike oases.

Natural Stone Walkways

Match your native plants with a stone pathway that will delight and amaze your senses.

Outdoor Kitchens

There are a few things that taste quite like brick oven baked bread. 10x your cooking with an outdoor kitchen.

Landscape Lighting

Light up your evenings with customized solutions, from spotlights to low voltage Holiday decorations.

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Any Type of Project

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Landscaping Tips and Tricks

How To Start Gardening

Beginning a garden is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Every person can benefit from engaging in this relaxing, fruitful activity. However, if you have not worked on a garden before, it might be tough to decide where to start.Decide on what plants you...

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Native Landscaping Benefits

Native landscaping is a straightforward way to reincorporate native plants, flowers, shrubs and trees into the landscape. Native blossoms, have flowers throughout the season as well as draw in hummingbirds and butterflies. The grasses are hardy grasses and they have a...

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Every landscaping project is different and cost will vary accordingly. Some cheap landscaping work will require constant touch-ups, grading and cleaning or even full replacement. That being said, our landscaping prices are among the most affordable, as we use native plants and quality materials that will last longer.

We service Northside Chicago and suburbs in the nearby area, from Skokie and Wilmette to Highland Park and Lake Forest IL.


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