Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking while enjoying some outdoor activity is a great way to spend your leisure time. But having to move back and forth from your kitchen to the outdoor space can easily kill the buzz. And that is why outdoor kitchens have become quite popular.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen will breathe new life into your backyard barbeque grilling experience. However, it is important to note that deciding to invest in your backyard is not a trivial matter. And that’s why it is vital to get professional help for your project.

As a reputable landscaping company, we will offer you the best outdoor kitchen solution that fits your budget and satisfies your needs.

Design Considerations for your outdoor kitchen

Focusing on the design of the kitchen is the first and most important step you should take. For example, where will you have the ventilation? Depending on where you place it, will it be effective in emitting smoke?

You have to ensure that the design accounts for every aspect of the kitchen so that you can have a functional and comfortable cooking space outside. When focusing on design, the following are some of the things that you should consider:

1.    Type of grill

Do you want a built-in or a portable grill? You should decide on which one to go for depending on some factors. One, how much you are willing to spend on the grill. Secondly, the number of people you may want to cook for.

2.    Countertops

The amount of space you will need for your preparations also matters when designing the outdoor kitchen. When choosing the material to use on the countertop, ensure you choose one that’s able to withstand severe weather conditions.

3.    Cabinets

An outdoor cabinet is essential and should not be underestimated. It will save you from having to run in and out of your house to get cups, spoons, or plates.

4.    Lighting

Assuming that you will be mostly using your outdoor kitchen during the evening hours, there is a need for you to have proper lighting. Good lighting will ensure that you can monitor how the grilled items are cooking lest you end up with burnt food.

5.    Sink

If you’ve worked in a kitchen that lacks water, you understand how frustrating it can be. You need to have a sink with running water in your outdoor kitchen for easy meal preparation. Install the sink away from the heating source, and close to the preparation area.

6.    Flooring

There are several flooring options for your outdoor kitchen. You can either choose to go for concrete, tile, brick or natural stone. However, it is advisable not to go for high-maintenance products for your outdoor kitchen.

Benefits of an outdoor kitchen

1.    Creates more family time

It is no longer necessary for the father to be alone outside grilling while the rest of the family remains indoors. With an outdoor kitchen, everyone in the family can be involved in the cooking process outside. This provides an opportunity for the family to bond for longer periods.

2.    Brings convenience to entertainment

With an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to rush in and out of your house to get glasses or drinks for people enjoying themselves at your party. The outdoor kitchen can hold everything needed at the party. Additionally, if you decide to prepare some meals during the party, you can do so without having to interrupt your conversations.

3.    Increases property value

Over the past few years, outdoor kitchens have become a hot trend in the real estate industry. If you are planning on reselling your home, then installing an outdoor kitchen will help increase the value of that home. The extra cooking space is appealing to buyers and makes the house look more modern.

4.    It gets you outside

One fact that we cannot dispute is that technology has made it difficult for people to bond on personal levels. Everyone at home is either glued to the TV, their phone, or computer. However, with an outdoor kitchen, it becomes possible to have them abandon their gadgets and get outside for some cooking. This is not only an exciting experience but also one that’s healthy for your social life as a family.

5.    Eliminates smell from the house

Let’s face it; some foods smell delicious when being prepared, but some aren’t pleasing. Foods like fish produce a not-so-pleasing aroma that can stay in your house for days. To avoid such scenarios, have an outdoor kitchen where you can prepare such dishes from.

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There shouldn’t be any hassle when you decide to have your outdoor kitchen put in place. Once you contact us, we shall begin by discussing the project details with you, understand your needs, and provide some advice also. This is then followed by a planning phase, which will ensure that everything is conducted accordingly. It is at this point that we will also give you the budget estimate for the entire project. 

Construction of your outdoor kitchen then begins after the planning is done. Once we’ve completed the outdoor kitchen project, it is our obligation to ensure that space is cleaned up and ready for use.

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