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Your landscape is one of the most picturesque and distinctive features of your home. But this beauty only lasts while the sun is up- deterring you from enjoying your yard’s beauty at night. We are committed to giving you the best lighting services and help you utilize the usability of your yard to its full potential.

From romantic settings to soft lighting, we strive to provide the best lighting needs to prepare the mood you want. Our experts have years of experience in orchestrating landscape lighting, and we’ll work closely with you throughout the process, meeting all your specifics. Our services bring together safety and enjoyment in one place!

If you’ve spent enough time working on your landscape design, then you’re probably thinking of adding an outdoor lighting system that will shine on all elements of your yard. And while there are so many options when it comes to lighting, we usually recommend low-voltage systems that’ll save on energy costs.

Why Use Outdoor Lighting System

There are many benefits to having a proper landscape lighting system, and we’d like to share some of them with you.

1.    Safety

Outdoor lighting is one of the simplest and economic measures for the safety of your house. Our low voltage systems are bright enough to illuminate all dark parts and are energy-efficient enough to produce better light quality. We provide lasting solutions, and if you need an extra security lighting plan, you can always reach us!

2.    Relaxation

A great ambiance is quite costly when you’re not in the right environment. With our landscape lighting solutions, you’re assured of a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere after a long day or during the weekend as you wind up a long week. We ensure all our lighting installations are the most soothing and will have a better effect on your moods.

3.    Entertainment

The ideal landscape lighting can turn a simple lawn backyard into a fun outdoor patio where you can invite friends and family for an exciting experience! We can work on a plan that’ll incorporate an entertainment space without affecting the overall appeal of your home.

Landscape Lighting Styles

We understand the need to have a proper lighting system, and we’d like to tell you more about the different systems that can brighten up your home. Our specialists can help you understand these lighting types in line with what’s ideal for your home.

1.    Tree Lighting

Tree Lighting has a way of outlining the soft landscape and, as the name suggests, the characteristics of your tree. To get the best of this kind of lighting, you’ll need to do some heavy pruning to make sure your tree’s interior is highlighted perfectly.

2.    Step and Deck Lighting

Step and Deck lighting wears many hats! Not only is it a subtle highlighter of important outdoor areas, but it also aids in your safety and keeps unwanted strangers at bay.

3.    Holiday Lighting

Festive season approaching? No need to worry, you can add landscape lighting to adorn your house. Most homeowners fear to install holiday lights by themselves, and that’s why we have experts dedicated to handling holiday lighting and can install a wide range of lighting to your home.

4.    Spread Lighting

Spread lighting is made to illuminate bigger landscaping features like pools, fountains, and other water bodies. It can also shine on softscape features such as half barrels, flower pots, and planting beds.

5.    Path Lighting

Path lighting is quite common to landscape lighting, but most homeowners tend to overlook its functionality. While most path lighting features use high voltage lights, we recommend using energy-efficient solar-powered systems that last longer. Low voltage systems can also make good lighting from driveways, walkways, and routes away from your home’s outdoor light.

How Our Landscape Lighting Installation Services Work

As professional lighting experts, our job is to provide, install, and take care of your ideal landscape lighting. However, to ensure we have a smooth workflow, we have to work hand-in-hand to come up with ideas, designs, and inspirations for your outdoor lighting. Our service process is as follows;

Consultation – As soon as you contact us, we schedule an appointment and meet to discuss your ideas.

Planning, designing, and budgeting – Once we have a rough sketch of what you want, we’ll come to your home, make rough estimates, and recommend the kind of lighting that’ll be best for your home. We’ll also give you a full estimate of what the project will cost, including after-care services.

Getting to work – Here, we get our hands dirty! We’ll work diligently to make sure you get the best system and, from time to time, keep you updated with the progress.

Clean Up/ maintenance/ Repair – Once your home looks as you dreamed, we’ll still check out the performance of each lighting system and see if there were any missed steps (rarely) during our installation process. If there’s any, we will fix and install the right ones!

Whenever possible, we strive to use low-voltage outdoor lighting systems like halogen lights or LED systems. These lights employ a better energy efficiency, minimizing the overall electric impact of a landscape lighting system. Contact our team for more insights and services- we’re always glad to discuss lighting!

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