Deck Installation

Of all the possessions that you have, count your home as the most valuable. Why? It provides a safe space for you to unwind after a hard day at work, protection against bad weather, and security. Additionally, you did spend a lot on actualizing the dream of having your own home.

Therefore, it is only fair to have the best décor and extensions on the home. Take a look, what’s lacking? Do you have a deck installed? If not, then you need to have one build right away. A well-designed deck can breathe life into the otherwise dead outdoor space. But for this to happen, you need to get the help of a professional deck installation company.

On top of the improved aesthetics that the deck will bring into your home, you will also get to benefit from the increased property value. Yes! Installing the deck will improve the market value of your house, so you can enjoy more profits when you decide to sell.

Building The Perfect Deck

The process of having an ideal deck installed starts with choosing the best material to use. There are several material options to choose from, and some of the most common include:

1.    Rot-resistant woods

If you don’t want to worry about rotting wood, then this provides you with a solution. The rot-resistant woods like cedar do not need to be treated with any chemical for them to be durable. However, you will have to digger deeper into your pocket if you decide to use such wood. They are relatively more expensive compared to the chemically treated materials.

2.    Tropical hardwoods

If you don’t mind overly investing in your deck, then you can choose to make use of the tropical hardwoods. Some common tropical hardwoods include the native Brazilian cherry and the Cumaru. These woods, though quite expensive, they are also more aesthetically pleasing and more durable.

Tropical hardwoods also need regular cleaning and stain removal regularly for them to serve you for an extended period.

Deck Maintenance

As already pointed out, a deck can add considerable value to your home. However, some factors can significantly affect the quality of the deck. Our company is experienced in handling the following issues.

1.    Decaying wood

We will make sure that all the wood used on your deck remains in good condition, with special attention being given to those areas that are always damp. If there’s any wood that’s decayed, we will have it replaced. For those woods attacked by insects, our experts will find the best way to deal with the insects to ensure that the wood remains strong.

2.    Flashing

Flashing is used to refer to that part that is installed to redirect water from getting into contact with the deck. If this part is not well-taken care of, and the moisture comes into contact with the deck, great damage can occur. Our team of experts will inspect the flashing and carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

3.    Fasteners

Loose screws, anchors, or nails on your deck are a safety risk. If not tightened, they can collapse the deck, which will lead to significant losses and even injury. As part of our deck maintenance service, we will ensure that all fasteners used on the deck are tightened and in good condition, meaning no corroded screws or nails.

4.    Fire features

If you desire to have a fire feature on your deck, then we can help to ensure that it is installed away from any flammable parts. This will make sure that you get the ambiance you want from the fire feature and enhance the safety of the deck.

How will you benefit from our deck installation service?

Aside from the benefits that you get from having the deck installed in your house, our service will be of interest to you. You are assured of quality work, professional service delivery that is designed to satisfy your needs.

Get our deck installation services

Our primary goal is to ensure that you get the best service from us. That is why we’ve designed our service delivery, beginning with a consultation. This allows us to create a common ground between you and us in terms of what should be done on the deck and how it should be done. The consultation phase is followed by the planning phase and, finally, the actual work.

Our service to you does not end once we’ve installed the deck; our experts will ensure that the area is well cleaned. If you need any maintenance help or repair services, we are always available to help you out.

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